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ASO agency: ASO Services for “Claim it!” app – A fun way to buy, sell and give

ASO agency: Claim it! app: We have been working with Claim it! for several months to improve ASO and Apple Search Ads Strategy as ASO company.  With outstanding aso agency aso services results: improved number of Top10 keywords to over 60! and downloads from 150 to 2.000 a day.

ASO Agency: ASO Service for Claim it! app
App Store Optimization Success

As ASO mobile company we have worked for Claim it! app with our ASO services with a monthly subscription to help improve the ASO: Claim it! app

Topics that we have covered from our ASO Checklist as ASO agency: Claim it! app:

  • Publish the app using the right App marketing Mix (ASO services)
  • Listen to your users and adapt the app
  • ask your happy! users for a rating / review
  • Find & update the right App Keywords (ASO App Store)
  • Put the App Keywords in the right place (app store keywords)
  • Optimize the App Title with your new keywords
  • Optimize the App Subtitle with your new keywords
  • Marketing message: Promotional Text (iOS only)
  • App description that convince your users
  • Showcase your app’s unique selling points in attractive Screenshots
  • Find the right App Category
  • Localize your app to have more downloads and revenue (SEO app)
  • Plan to increase the total number of downloads
  • Download velocity (how many downloads your App did have in last days, weeks) to rank higher
  • App Updates have an impact on visibility, update every 4 weeks
  • App Ratings have a strong impact on ranking and conversion rates, ask your users
  • Reviews have a strong impact on ranking and conversion rates, ask your users


Did you know?

Publish an app without budget but ASO APP strategy:

A low invest approach is to build the best app using free tools as above and publish it using the ASO strategy above. See downloads rolling in, take the user feedback in reviews and ratings serious to change and update your app. Update the ASO every 4 weeks until you have a good organic download rate. Try to understand what your user is doing in the app and add more value using free tools. Work with free tools like onesignal to send push message to activate users. Play around with price schemes to see if you can earn money.

ASO Agency: ASO services to rank your app #1
ASO Agency: ASO services to rank your app #1


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