ASO Agency: Einfach Leben App

ASO Agency: ASO service for “Einfach Leben” App

ASO Agency: ASO service for "Einfach Leben" app
ASO Agency: Einfach Leben app

ASO services for the  “Einfach Leben” App: We have been working with this app developer for several years now to improve ASO App Store Optimization and App Search Ads strategy.

The app “Einfach Leben” has a strong footprint as monthly epaper, we have worked with our ASO services to gain more visibility for the mobile app in Android and App Store with the objective to increase number of  subscriptions.

As ASO company we are happy and proud with the outstanding aso app store optimization results for our client “Einfach Leben” App: 

  • Before the app did have 10 Top 10 keywords (already nice)
  • after our ASO services the app has 11 TOP 1 keywords and
  • 32 Top 10 keywords in Germany
  • a nice result for our client and us as  ASO Agency


ASO Agency: ASO services "Einfach Leben" app
ASO Agency: Einfach Leben app

As ASO company we are working for our client: “Einfach Leben” App with a monthly subscription to help improve the ASO App Store optimization.

As strategic ASO partner we have covered the following points from our ASO Checklist to “Rank your app #1”: Einfach Leben

  • Publish the app using the right App marketing ASO mobile Mix
  • Find the right App Keywords (different strategy in Google Play and App Store for app search optimization)
  • Put the App Keywords in the right place (aso keywords)
  • Optimize the App Title with your new keywords
  • Optimize the App Subtitle with your new keywords
  • Marketing message: Promotional Text (iOS only)
  • App description that convince users
  • Showcase app’s unique selling points in attractive Screenshots
  • Design a clear App Icon
  • Localize your app to have more downloads and revenue
  • Plan to increase the total number of downloads
  • Download velocity (how many downloads your App did have in last days, weeks) to rank higher
  • Build a GoToMarket Strategy for App Launch that includes Social Media, Traffic to your apps website, eMail, Referrals … and prepare this weeks before the final GoLive

Full ASO service package for clients. Discover what we can do and achieve for your app working for you as ASO agency.


Did you know?

Publish an app in 2018 with budget and aso app store optimization:

If you review the apps that really earn money like or Hooked or many others they have one thing in common. The really know what their users are and how to communicate with them. They follow the trends ofApp Store Optimization ASO 2018. And this is not only because they have more and bright stuff working on it. NO. They use the right tools to get new users (eg manage your paid and organic downloads with AppFlyer and you can measure which keywords bring you the best users). The use tools like LeanPlum to understand what users are doing and send different users groups automatic multi-channel messages in different stages of the app use. And they can change the look and feel of their app (like User Onboarding or SignUp or Purchase) and test several scenarios. Like this they learn and are getting better and better. But all this does not work, if your app has no value or a terrible design.

Publish app in 2018 with budget
Publish app in 2018 with budget


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