ASO Webinar

Just finished another ASO Webinar with a client

Another client that is happy and starts ranking new keywords by today after our ASO Webinar.

App Store Optimization (ASO) Webinar: Increase your organic downloads from 150 to 2000 a day? This is the success case of an App Store Marketing customer in United States. In average we increase the organic downloads by 100% in the App Store. See our ASO 2018 page for more information.

ASO Webinar
ASO Webinar
App Store Optimization (ASO) Workshop

ASO Webinar: 2 hours management briefing on:

  • What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?
  • The principles / elements of ASO
  • ASO Tools: How to conduct App Market Research?
  • ASO differences Google Play versus App Store
  • How to increase your organic (free) downloads?
  • Why reviews and ratings are important?
  • A/B testing!
  • How to increase app revenue?

You can buy it here:

Webinar: ASO training workshop

Did you know?

The main ASO differences between Google Play and App Store in 2018 are:

  • the way the search engine works (in iOS it basically takes keywords from title, subtitle and keywords list with a different rating factor while in Google Play you have Title, Subtitle and description for the keywords and some SEO tactics)
  • How the overall ranking is calculated … total downloads, download velocity, ratings, reviews are important on both App Stores
  • Google Play takes into account a bunch of more factors like social signs and SEO factors, active users, de-install rate …
ASO differences 2018 Goole Play / App Store


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