What is SEO app? And what is ASO app? Or is it just the same?

SEO app? ASO app? App search optimization? What is this all about?

From time to time we receive requests from potential clients to talk about SEO app!? It is also a hot topic in our ASO webinars. Is there a difference between SEO app and ASO app? You might argue that SEO for app is just concentrating on the searchability of an app while ASO app includes other ASO factors like screenshots, promo videos, reviews that are worked in ASO marketing. App search optimization is a key part of every ASO app store optimization and aso marketing services.

What is ASO app store optimization strategy?

App Store Optimization:  improving all aspects of your App for Google Play and App Store (and yes, there are important differences). There are a lot of aspects working together to get a app to the Top10 in it’s category:

App Store Optimization ASO Leverage IQ
App Store Optimization ASO Leverage IQ


When we now concentrate on the search and find part, we could set up a list of tasks for the SEO app part:

  • How to rank your app?
  • How to improve app store ranking?
  • App Marketing plan to publish an app
  • ASO app store optimization services like
    • Find the right ASO App Keywords
    • Put the App Keywords in the right place
    • Optimize the App Title with your new keywords
    • Optimize the App Subtitle with your new keywords
    • App description ( ASO relevant in Google Play, SEO app for Google Play and App Store)
  • SEO Aspects and Social Signs: yes, SEO does have an impact mainly on Google Play

And what is missing for ASO app? This would be the list of points to be taken into account.

    • Marketing message: Promotional Text (iOS only)
    • Showcase your app’s unique selling points in attractive Screenshots
    • Design a clear App Icon
    • Build a App Preview Video to convince potential users
    • Find the right App Category
    • Optimize the App’s price
    • A/B Tests to validate that you showcase the right thing to your users

In fact, most  indie app developers that work with us are focussed on the app store search optimization, as this is more about numbers and logic compared to the more conversion topics like screenshots or videos. But in the end, if your app does not convert, you will drop in your keywords. So just take SEO for app as one important part of the ASO app store optimization.

What are Mobile app SEO tools?

Nice surprise, right? You can use most of the SEO tools to optimize for your SEO app.

We have learned that Mobile app seo optimization is only one part of the ASO for apps. What else need to be done for a complete SEO / ASO can be found in our App Store Optimization 2018 checklist.

Or do you want a kick start for your SEO app search optimization? Book our SEO app search workshop or Mobile App seo optimization webinar.

Bonus 1: How to publish an app without a marketing budget:

A low invest approach to aso marketing is to build the best app using free tools  and publish it using the App Store Optimization ASO 2018 strategy in our checklist “How to do a app store optimization”. See downloads rolling in, take the user feedback in reviews and ratings serious to change and update your app. Update the ASO every 4 weeks until you have a good organic download rate. Try to understand what your user is doing in the app and add more value using free tools. Work with free tools like onesignal to send push message to activate users. Play around with price schemes to see if you can earn money.

Publish app in 2018 without budget using SEO app, aso app, app search optimization, aso marketing
Publish app in 2018 without budget using SEO app, aso app, app search optimization
Publish app in 2018 without budget

Bonus 2: Why  are reviews that important for ASO marketing?

Reviews and Ratings have 2 major impacts:

  • a customer that compares 2 apps will always tend the the app with more good ratings
  • Ratings have a important impact on your ranking in Google Play and AppStore

Having this in mind, you have to work on your reviews and ratings with the aso marketing. Ask your users for a feedback when he is happy (eg just bought the app or managed a level up). There is a native review request in iOS that boost the number of the reviews. Implement it!

And if your ranking is below 4 in either stores, you need to act! In iOS you can reset your ranking and start from scratch (but you will loose ranking compared to your competition if you start from 0). In Google Play in 2018 you just need to work on it. If the ranking is really low and you have a low number of downloads, take this app out and publish a new app!.

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