App Store Optimization ASO checklist


Following our App store optimization ASO checklist resulted in Google Play Editors Choice 2017 for Smart Baby App. How? 

In this page we will help you to understand how the different points are connected and work with you on a 25 points ASO checklist to get instant results and higher downloads.

App Store Optimization ASO checklist
App Store Optimization ASO checklist
App Store Optimization ASO checklist
App Store Optimization ASO checklist

App Store Optimization ASO checklist

  • Build a fantastic app MVP that solves a user problem  / demand
  • Run A/B Tests already in the design phase
  • add a budget for the App GoLive
  • Publish the app using the right App marketing Mix
  • Listen to your users and adapt the app
  • ask your happy! users for a rating / review
  • Find the right App Keywords (different strategy in Google Play and App Store)
  • Put the App Keywords in the right place
  • Optimize the App Title with your new keywords
  • Optimize the App Subtitle with your new keywords
  • Marketing message: Promotional Text (iOS only)
  • App description that convince your users
  • Showcase your app’s unique selling points in attractive Screenshots
  • Design a clear App Icon
  • Build a stunning App Preview Video
  • Find the right App Category
  • Optimize the App’s price
  • Minimize your app’s size
  • Localize your app to have more downloads and revenue
  • build a SEO optimized landing page / small website for your app
  • Plan to increase the total number of downloads
  • Download velocity (how many downloads your App did have in last days, weeks) to rank higher
  • App Updates have an impact on visibility, update every 4 weeks
  • App Ratings have a strong impact on ranking and conversion rates, ask your users
  • Reviews have a strong impact on ranking and conversion rates, ask your users
  • Active Users are not only a ranking factor but are where the money is!
  • De-Installs: retention rate is low in Mobile apps, work on onboarding process, improve your best features, get rid of features nobody uses
  • Build a GoToMarket Strategy for App Launch that includes Social Media, Traffic to your apps website, eMail, Referrals … and prepare this weeks before the final GoLive
  • SEO Aspects and Social Signs: yes, SEO does have an impact on Google Play
  • Mobile App A/B Tests to validate that you showcase the right thing to your users
App Store Optimization ASO checklist
App Store Optimization ASO checklist

Relevant ASO Tools for keywords, market, reviews are:

There are some new ASO Tools that have a nice value proposals, check out:

Both lists are not complete, but finally we tend to work with tools that we know.

Tools for the App design process and review user feedback in the design process:

Tools to test and publish apps with a low budget:

Use the test features in Google Play to validate icon, screenshots, title, subtitle, texts …. Run the tests minimum 2 weeks. Test only against an assumption and make sure not to mix several changes in the test. We have learned that the same test can give you different results :_).

One free tool to test how Push Message are working with a strong A/B test functionality is OneSignal. In Google Firebase this can be done also for free with limited number of active users.

Tools to test and publish apps with budget:

Marketing analytics providers to track where your downloads come from like:


ASO differences Google Play versus App Store

Let’s put it straight, if you have done the App Store Optimization fine for the APP Store, you would probably get some results on Google Play. And vice versa. BUT you would probably miss 50% of possible organic downloads.

You can apply findings from the market research on Google Play to App Store and market research on App Store to Google Play. But you still need to add some more details to reach the full potential of both stores.

The main differences ASO differences Google Play and App Store are:

  • the way the search engine works (in iOS it basically takes keywords from title, subtitle and keywords list with a different rating factor while in Google Play you have Title, Subtitle and description for the keywords and some SEO tactics)
  • How the overall ranking is calculated … total downloads, download velocity, ratings, reviews are important on both App Stores
  • Google Play takes into account a bunch of more factors like social signs and SEO factors, active users, de-install rate …
App Store Optimization ASO checklist
App Store Optimization ASO checklist

Rank your app #1 without budget:

A low invest approach is to build the best app using free tools as above and publish it using the ASO strategy above. See downloads rolling in, take the user feedback in reviews and ratings serious to change and update your app. Update the ASO every 4 weeks until you have a good organic download rate. Try to understand what your user is doing in the app and add more value using free tools. Work with free tools like onesignal to send push message to activate users. Play around with price schemes to see if you can earn money.

App Store Optimization ASO checklist
App Store Optimization ASO checklist

Rank your app #1 with budget:

If you review the apps that really earn money like or Hooked or many others they have one thing in common. The really know what their users are and how to communicate with them. And this is not only because they have more and bright stuff working on it. NO. They use the right tools to get new users (eg manage your paid and organic downloads with AppFlyer and you can measure which keywords bring you the best users). The use tools like LeanPlum to understand what users are doing and send different users groups automatic multi-channel messages in different stages of the app use. And they can change the look and feel of their app (like User Onboarding or SignUp or Purchase) and test several scenarios. Like this they learn and are getting better and better. But all this does not work, if your app has no value or a terrible design.

App Store Optimization ASO checklist
App Store Optimization ASO checklist

And there is still some more to learn. 

But back to the beginning, You still want to double your downloads, right?

Like our customer Smart Baby app ! – Named Google Play Editors Choice 2017:

App Store Optimization White Paper
App Store Optimization White Paper

But don’t worry, we have the solution for you: our App Store Optimization ASO Workshop. This is a 1- day workshop where we brief you in the details of App Store Optimization ASO checklist and even work some hours on your app to double your downloads. Also as online ASO Webinar.

Details of our App Store Optimization (ASO) Workshop:

ASO Workshop Leverage IQ
ASO Workshop Leverage IQ


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