ASO Agency: Einfach Leben App

Rank your app #1 Einfach Leben app

ASO Agency: ASO service for “Einfach Leben” App

ASO Agency: ASO service for "Einfach Leben" app
ASO Agency: Einfach Leben app

ASO services for the  “Einfach Leben” App: We have been working with this app developer for several years now to improve ASO App Store Optimization and App Search Ads strategy.

The app “Einfach Leben” has a strong footprint as monthly epaper, we have worked with our ASO services to gain more visibility for the mobile app in Android and App Store with the objective to increase number of  subscriptions.

As ASO company we are happy and proud with the outstanding aso app store optimization results for our client “Einfach Leben” App: 

  • Before the app did have 10 Top 10 keywords (already nice)
  • after our ASO services the app has 11 TOP 1 keywords and
  • 32 Top 10 keywords in Germany
  • a nice result for our client and us as  ASO Agency

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ASO agency: Screen Notes App

ASO Agency Screen Notes app

ASO agency: ASO services for “Screen Notes” App

Rank your app #1: ASO services for Screen Notes App
Rank your app #1_Screen Notes App

ASO agency: ASO services for “Screen Notes” App: We have been working with this app developer for several months to improve App store optimization.  The app has a strong footprint already in Russia, now it has significantly downloads worldwide. We have also helped to work out a strategy to get rid of a copy cat app as one of the services in our ASO company portfolio.

Outstanding results for the “Screen  Notes” App with our ASO services: 

  • 74 new top 10 keywords worldwide (excluding Russia) with our App Store optimization
  • Reached Top100 in utilities in US Market and entered new markets with our ASO services
  • Copy cat app was deleted in App Store which brings much more downloads to Screen Notes app

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ASO agency: Claim it! app – Social Shopping

ASO agency: ASO Services for “Claim it!” app – A fun way to buy, sell and give

ASO agency: Claim it! app: We have been working with Claim it! for several months to improve ASO and Apple Search Ads Strategy as ASO company.  With outstanding aso agency aso services results: improved number of Top10 keywords to over 60! and downloads from 150 to 2.000 a day.

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