ASO agency: Screen Notes App

ASO Agency Screen Notes app

ASO agency: ASO services for “Screen Notes” App

Rank your app #1: ASO services for Screen Notes App
Rank your app #1_Screen Notes App

ASO agency: ASO services for “Screen Notes” App: We have been working with this app developer for several months to improve App store optimization.  The app has a strong footprint already in Russia, now it has significantly downloads worldwide. We have also helped to work out a strategy to get rid of a copy cat app as one of the services in our ASO company portfolio.

Outstanding results for the “Screen  Notes” App with our ASO services: 

  • 74 new top 10 keywords worldwide (excluding Russia) with our App Store optimization
  • Reached Top100 in utilities in US Market and entered new markets with our ASO services
  • Copy cat app was deleted in App Store which brings much more downloads to Screen Notes app

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ASO agency: Claim it! app – Social Shopping

ASO agency: ASO Services for “Claim it!” app – A fun way to buy, sell and give

ASO agency: Claim it! app: We have been working with Claim it! for several months to improve ASO and Apple Search Ads Strategy as ASO company.  With outstanding aso agency aso services results: improved number of Top10 keywords to over 60! and downloads from 150 to 2.000 a day.

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